Tell Me What You Like (Uncut)

(0:30 Preview)

Performers: Vespa, Cam Damage

13 minute video. Vespa wants Cam to tell them exactly what they like, and after reading Cam's note, Vespa delivers. They stretch Cam's mouth with their fingers to prepare them for a rubber O ring gag, and cut off Cam's thong to stuff through the gag. Vespa reveals their strapon harness and fucks Cam doggystyle before covering their head with a sheet and securing it with shiny black bondage tape. Cam is now in a mysterious garage, completely naked with the sheet still over their head, and chained to the ground by their neck. Vespa shows up in a shiny black latex catsuit and gives Cam a couple of kicks with their black boots before pouring a bucket of water all over them. Vespa isn't done with Cam yet, and drags them into the next room to be chained to the ceiling by their wrists and whipped mercilessly by Vespa. Vespa slaps Cam on their whip marks, unchains them, and kicks them to the ground one last time, leaving them no choice but to escape completely naked.

Tags: Breath Play, Impact Play

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