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An update about your membership or purchase

Due to the pandemic and other circumstances we have not been able to produce new videos as frequently as we would like. We have decided to no longer accept new subscriptions or purchases. If you have signed up for a membership you will no longer be charged but your membership will remain active.

Your financial contribution has made possible everything we have produced to date, and many of the shoots we have yet to post. As a token of our appreciation, your membership or purchase now includes access to downloads for all videos.

We have not stopped production and will continue to upload new photos and videos. In addition we are actively been building out a new studio which we look forward to working in for many years to come. But nonetheless, we aren't able to update at a frequency that feels appropriate as a reward to you, our patrons.

If you have made a purchase in the last 90 days and are unsatisfied, you may request a refund by writing with the details of your purchase.

Thanks for your support and stay shiny!

RD Team ~ May 2021