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Reflective Desire is the work of over twenty enthusiastic kinksters scattered throughout the world. You can find out more information about the cast and crew over on our FetLife profile or by browsing the model pages on this site.

All content here is the original work of Reflective Desire LLC and is in the public domain unless otherwise noted. That means you are free to use or remix our work for any purpose with or without attribution. "Reflective Desire" is a registered trademark of Reflective Desire LLC.

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Like the outfits you see here? Check out some of the amazing artists that make the gear.

Fantastic Rubber

If you see a catsuit on our site, odds are it was made by Fantastic Rubber. They have been refining their patterns for over 10 years now and everything is made to measure. When you are ready for a catsuit, you won't find a better fit anywhere else.

Kink Engineering

This should be your first stop for rubber bondage gear. Vacbeds, made to measure sleepsacks, straitjackets and armbinders. Quality craftsmanship, quick turnaround times and excellent customer service.

Latex Nemesis

We love their hoods. Their bondage hood (and it's many accoutrements) is a staple in our rubber diet. Also a great source for rubber restraints.

Deadly Couture

Run by the lovely Ms Pervology who appears in many of our shoots. One of the few places on the west coast of the US where you can try on a decent selection of rubber.

Metal Bound

Goregous, custom made metal bondage furniture. Many pieces in our main shoot location have been made by MetalBound including this minimalist steel framed bondage bed which can pass as vanilla in a pinch.

Restricted Senses

You don't see a whole lot of leather on this site, but if we had to recommend one item to the budding kinkster, it would be a Restricted Senses lambskin leather hood. Even those new to kink have been instantly blissed out once they've had their head wrapped in one of these hoods.

Dayne Henderson

When you are ready for some incredibly unique designs, look no further than Dayne's work. Bizarre, fashionable, and immensely creative.


We offer physical prints of any image on this site. Prints are ready to hang and are printed directly onto shiny shiny aluminum. We can make any size starting at 12" x 18" for $250 + shipping. Email with the url of the image you'd like and your address so we can calculate shipping costs.


API is a strong word for something that is read only, but the data object that is used to build this site is provided for all to directly consume. We hope that you will choose to redistribute high quality copies of our work and also not hotlink.

Video sdSrc attributes and their corresponding URIs change on a regular basis. Fetch them at the time the JSON object is retrieved. Video hdSrc & 4kSrc attributes are not valid URIs on their own and require signature parameters only available to logged in users.

As an example, the following node code (using the request package) will print the title and url of every video and photo on the site.

var request = require('request');
var url = '';

request(url, (err, res, body) => {
  var contents = JSON.parse(body);

  contents.videos.categories.forEach((category) => {
    category.items.forEach((video) => {
      console.log(`${video.title} - ${video.sdSrc}`);
  }); => {
    album.items.forEach((photo) => {
      console.log(`${photo.title} - ${photo.large.src}`);